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Creation And Evolution - Pamphlet
Product ID 9781890947019
Creation And Evolution - Pamphlet
Major challenges to Darwinian Evolution have arisen in recent years, making scientists around the world question their beliefs. The Creation & Evolution pamphlet reveals these findings and applies them to the studies of six sciences that are essential to the study:


For each of these sciences, the pamphlet addresses the following facts:

What the theory of evolution says
What Evolutionists say we ought to see
What we actually observe in nature
What Scientists say

Explanations offered by Creationists and Intelligent Design proponents. The Creation & Evolution pamphlet cites numerous well known scientists and skeptics including:

Paleontology�s Stephen Gould
Biology�s Richard Dawkins
Zoology�s Percival Davis

Recent years have seen the advancement of major challenges to Darwinian Evolution. An example presented in the pamphlet Creation & Evolution reveals that evolutionary theory believes that we should expect human life to form from amino acids if given enough time, say 5 billion years. Modern mathematicians say that this is highly unlikely, even within 100 billion years, far longer than evolutionists believe the Earth has been in existence.

And this bestselling pamphlet reveals these new findings by addressing six areas of scientific study:

Astronomy�the study of stars, planets and other heavenly bodies, and their physical properties
Geology�the study of the earth�s physical nature and history
Paleontology�the study of fossils, the hardened remains of prehistoric animals and plants
Genetics�the study of heredity and variation in related animals and plants
Biochemistry�the study of chemical processes occurring in living plants and animals
Mathematics�the use of numbers, symbols and equations to study quantities and their relationships

Here is an example from the pamphlet related to paleontology:

Evolutionists say we should see transitional forms in fossils, showing gradual change
However, in nature, what we actually see among millions of fossils is that there are very few that could be even questionably transitional. And many of those have turned out to be hoaxes.

The pamphlet presents compelling scientific quotes, even quotes that reverse their earlier beliefs. For example:

Einstein, who proposed a mathematical theory of a static universe (rivaling the Big Bang theory) that later contradicted actual observations was quoted as saying, that this was "the greatest mistake of my life."
Einstein eventually accepted the necessity of a beginning, and the presence of a superior reasoning power.
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