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Wine And Christians - Are Alcoholic Beverages Sinful - PowerPoint Presentation
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Manufacturer Kachekman, John
Wine And Christians - Are Alcoholic Beverages Sinful - PowerPoint Presentation
The Scriptures seem contradictory regarding the use of "wine." It unreservedly disapproves the use of wine (Lv 10:8-11; Jud 13:3,4; Pr 31:4,5; 23:31; 20:1; Hab 2:5; 1 Ti 3:2,3). However it wholeheartedly approves of wine as a blessing from God (Gn 27:28; 49:10-12; Ps 104:14,15; Is 55:1; Amos 9:13; Jn 2:10,11). Is there a solution to this contradiction? YES! The solution comes from understanding that wine in the Bible is a generic term with a dual meaning and describes two different kinds of beverage. This CD lesson series presents a basic thesis and offers irrefutable support: Scripture condemns and commends the use of "wine" not because of the quantity used but because of the very use of the beverage itself!

The moderate use of alcoholic beverages in the social setting (called "social drinking") is often ignored, and the only censure for drinking alcoholic beverages is when one goes beyond ?moderation? and becomes "drunk". This CD study presents a reasoned response showing that moderate drinking of alcoholic beverages is just as sinful as the act of being "drunk". The studied conclusion is simple: God considers it a sin for one to use any quantity of alcoholic beverage. Attention will be given to texts used to justify social drinking? Christ changing water into wine, the deacon not being given to much wine, and Paul's approval for Timothy to take stomach wine.

The materials contained on this CD can be presented as a sermon series or classroom discussion. PowerPoint shows are included for each lesson. Various articles are also provided that can be reproduced in bulletins or used as class handouts.

Key Features
Interactive Menus
Bible Lesson Materials (several formats)
PowerPoint Slideshows

Table of Contents
Lesson One: Wine In Biblical Perspectives
Lesson Two: Words for ?Wine?
Lesson Three: Wine? in the Gospel Accounts
Lesson Four: "Wine? in Paul's Epistles 1 Timothy
Lesson Five: How Should Christians View Alcoholic Beverages?
Lesson Six: Scriptural Perspectives
Note: These six lessons can easily be divided up and covered over a quarter of Bible study.
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